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Chanterelle picking

Welcome to chantarelle picking! Finnish forests are full of tasteful mushrooms. Chanterelle is one of the most famous mushrooms that can be found in Finnish forest. Most of Finns have been mushroom picking in their life time. No wonder, because chantarelle soup from freshly picked mushrooms is simply delicious.


During this trip we will only concentrate to chantarelles. They can be easily recognized even with no experience with mushrooms. With the “everyman’s right” mushroom picking is easy because you don’t need any permissions from land owners. Because of this, mushroom picking is very common hobby in Finland. The best places to pick are closely guarded secrets and revealed to no one. Unlike berries, chantarelles are more scares and finding them might be difficult.


After chantarelle picking the guide will prepare a delicious chantarelle soups from the berries we picked.


Booking and information

You can easily contact us by calling or via email. We are happy to offer any information you require. Please don’t hesitate to call +358 40 588 0738 or email to teemu@saimaanpalju.fi


Relevant information

Price: 50€/person (incl. vat)

Price includes: Chantarelle picking equipment, needed food supplies for the soup, coffee, tea, water, guide service.

Extra service: Private bus transport to the forest and back

Group size: 8-20 persons

Payment: Cash or bill/invoice

Duration of activity: 2-3 hours

Language: English of Finnish

Activity available: late July to September

Location: Savitaipale, Lappeenranta

Alcohol policy: No alcohol

Requirements: Normal physical health, appropriate clothing for trekking, please let us know if you have any requirements about the food.

Saimaan Palju ja aktiviteetti | Haikosentie 4, Savitaipale | Tel. +358 40 588 0738 | teemu@saimaanpalju.fi


Saimaan Palju ja aktiviteetti
Haikosentie 4, Savitaipale
Tel. +358 40 588 0738 | teemu@saimaanpalju.fi