Floatig sauna of Lappeenranta

Welcome to enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna with a little twist.  Out floating sauna offers you a great experience at Lake Saimaa. Floating Sauna cruice will depart from Lappeenranta Harbour and cruce  at Lake Saimaa while you can enjoy smooth and relaxing traditional Finnish wood burning Sauna. Floating sauna can be rented with a driver for your group. Floating sauna does not have scheduled departures.


Amenities at Floating sauna

Floating sauna has two flush toilets, spacious livingroom with large windows from which you can enjoyd the wiev of Lake Saimaa. The living room is heated during the early sping and late autum.  The floating sauna also has unisex dressing room with hot shover and spacious sauna. You can leave your own shampoo home, we offer the best biodegradable shampoo and soap.  Our Sauna is heated by local Misa stove.

On the roof we have large sundeck where you can enjoy the views ans the sun. We have plenty of mobile charging outlets, and bluetooth audio system. Living room also has video sceen.


Eating at floating sauna and activitites


We can arrange you a small snack, or delicious dinner according to your request. Our catering partner is Kattava catering. Kattava catering can deliver exceptionally delicious and tasty menus. If you want the best experience, you should consider the grill menu. In this option professional cook will prepare your dinner at floating saunas upper sundeck, where you can enjoy the meal and the view of Lake Saimaa. Below is example menus we can offer.


Grill -menu (from 45€/person)

Strawberry-brie salad


Cobb –salad

France baguette & cream cheese

Black Angus sirloin steak

Grilled vegetables


Brunch (from 25€/person)

Small Karelian pastry

Mini Croissant & Bread

Salad, Gouda- and brie cheese



Air-dried ham, Salami, Chorizoa

Warm meatballs

Juice, coffee, tea


Coconut chiken (25€/person)

Coconutbroilerstew & rice

Green salad with herbs

Greek salad

France baguette

Floating sauna does not have an alcohol licence. This means that we cannot sell you alcolol, but you can bring your own. If you are looking something to do we can offer you wide range of activities ranging from paintball or bubble soccer to relaxing kayaking at lake Saimaa.


Floating sauna safety and enviroment.

Floating sauna is always rented with a licenced driver with CPR training. Floating sauna meet all the regulations and is properly registered as a boat with CE-marking. We have large tanks for wate water, so we dont leave any waste water behind.


Please note that during high winds the sauna cuice can be canceled because of safety reasons.

Floating sauna Pricing:


360 € / 2 hours

480 € / 3 hours

590 € / 4 hours



400 € / 2 hours

530 € / 3 hours

650 € / 4 hours



450 € / 2 hours

580 € / 3 hours

700 € / 4 hours


Extra service:

Rental towels á 5 €/one


Longer cruises starting from

1 nigh 1750 €

2 night 2750 €

3 nights 3500 €

How to reserve floating sauna of Lappeenranta

From the calendar below you can see the reservation situation of the floating sauna. “Varattu” means that the floating sauna is reserved. We can arrange several cruises during one day. There is maintenance break of one hour between cruises. This is marked also to calendar with marking “Huolto”. Sauna cruises are possible between 07:00-24:00. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


You can make reservation with the form below, with email teemu@saimaanpalju.fi or by calling 040 588 0738 (FIN/ENG)

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Owner: Teemu Virtanen

Phone: 040 588 0738

Email: teemu@saimaanpalju.fi

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