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Shooting and sumo wrestling

Have you ever tried to shoot clay pigeon, also known as trap shooting? Now you have a change to try under safe and guided conditions. We offer you with our partner Anna Berry experience where you try trap shooting or shooting with a rifle. With a rifle you can shoot a target that is 50 meters or 100 meters down range. You can pick either trap shooting or rifle shooting or both. It’s up to you. The event is designed for beginners or people with no experience beforehand.


For safety reasons we can only permit 3-4 persons to the range at once. If your group is larger, you can enjoy the fun sport of sumo wrestling. We provide two sumo costumes for you and you can find out who is king of the sumo ring. Sumo suits are padded and clumsy to use. This guarantees fun times for everyone. Close by is also a small fire place where field meal can be prepared.


Please note we have zero tolerance for alcohol during this activity. Be prepared for breathalyser test.


Download flyer here (pdf)


Booking and information

You can easily contact us by calling or via email. We are happy to offer any information you require. Please don’t hesitate to call +35840 588 0738 or email to teemu@saimaanpalju.fi


Relevant  information

Price: 80€/person (incl. vat)

Price includes: Ammunition, safety goggles, ear protection, guns, sumo suits with helmet and neck guard, instruction and guidance, VAT

Extra service: Private bus transport to the venue, meal, snack, coffee.

Group size: 6-12 persons, shooting in small groups of 3-4 persons.

Payment: Cash or bill/invoice

Duration of activity: 3 hours if 12 participants. Shooting is 45min-1 hour.

Language: English of Finnish

Activity available: May - October

Location: Savitaipale

Alcohol policy: No alcohol, participant are tested.

Requirements: Normal physical health

Saimaan Palju ja aktiviteetti | Haikosentie 4, Savitaipale | Tel. +358 40 588 0738 | teemu@saimaanpalju.fi


Saimaan Palju ja aktiviteetti
Haikosentie 4, Savitaipale
Tel. +358 40 588 0738 | teemu@saimaanpalju.fi