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Kiipeilypuistossa pääset testaamaan ketteryyttäsi ja selvittämään, kuka on ryhmänne kovin kiipeilijä. Seikkailun kymmenen rataa tarjoavat sopivaa haastetta niin ensikertalaiselle kuin kokeneelle kiipeilijälle. Kiipeilypuisto sijaitsee Tykkimäen huvipuiston alueella ja on avoinna ryhmille tilauksesta huvipuiston aukiolojen ulkopuolella alkaen 22.4.2024. Lisätietoja

Saatavilla: Kouvola, Tykkimäki Resort

paintball lappeenranta


Does your work community, party crowd or friend group want something fun and eventful to do? Paintball offers a great opportunity for enhancing team spirit. Polish your team's tactics to perfection and dive in to the world of the game! Winner will be the team that eliminates all opponents by tagging them with paintballs .Information

Where: Lappeenranta, Savitaipale


Bubble soccer

Do you want to break a sweat in a fun sporty way? Do you have competitive players in your group? Bubble football is a great addition to a bachelor party or a company event. This "slightly" different version of football brings together the traditional ball games and tackles from the hockey rink. Every player has a huge bubble as a protection, so tackles are allowed. Winner is the team that scores the most goals, so it's best to also  concentrate on things other than bumping into other players. . Information

Where: Lappeenranta, Savitaipale, Kouvola ja near by areas

e-fatbike, sähköfatbike

e-Fatbike safari, summer

Fat tires, electric assistance and terrain that is just right. E-fatbike safari gives you a great opportunity to try out the current trend sport: electric cycling. Easy yet speedy progress keeps the mood up and familiarizes the biker to the surrounding nature in a new way.Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Repovesi National Park and  Imatra


Forest mind

Does your work crew yearn for relaxation and a stress-free moment in the nature? Tyky-day forest hike gives you an opportunity to experience the surrounding nature with all your senses and relax in the embrace of a Finnish forest. The trees, plants, wind, sun and fragrances of the nature help you recharge and bring peace of mind. After the hike you will feel relaxed and calm. This trip is a wonderful way to switch brains from work to weekend or holiday mode.Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Repovesi National Park and  Imatra


Singing bowl

Mallet hits the bowl and releases smoothing sound waves. The resonating sound will relax the mind and body. The singing relaxation session has begun.

Singing bowl relaxation is based on sound waves. The waves will relax your mind and body. Your guide will hit the bowl with a mallet and the resonating sound will fill the room. During the session you are ushered to the relaxed state by your guide. You might even fall asleep. Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and nearby areas



Does your group wish for a chill activity that requires balancing? Standup paddleboarding is a great way to see the scenery from a new viewpoint: beautiful and warm summer day, the surrounding lake views and clean nature offer an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a long time. Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola and Repovesi National Park

melontaa tyky päivä


Take your group among the picturesque lake views to sense the fragrances of clean nature! Paddling trip brings a new perspective because even a familiar view looks different from on top of the waves. Fun little addition to the paddling trip will be brought to you by the dwellers of the lake: you might catch a glimpse of birds, fishes and other animals of the shores and islands.  Information

Whre: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Repovesi National park and Lappeenranta

tyky päivä lappeentanta

City Adventure

Assemble a team and go test and enhance your local knowledge in this playful city adventure! City adventure is a team spirit enhancing competition, where the teams are tasked to gather points at different checkpoints. Checkpoints are marked in a map that is being used for navigating around the city area. Checkpoints require the teams to rack their brains on different logical problems and finding places and items. Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola ja Lappeenranta


Corporate olympics

Corporate olympics offer chill  entertainment even for a larger group. Olympics consist of seven fun team competitions. Most well-known of the activities is the plank skiing that tests the team spirit and ability to find a common pace. Seamless collaboration is the key to success in the other activities also. These Olympics are a wonderful way to grow the team spirit!  Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and close by areas


Floating experience

Floating experience is an one of a kind experience that brings much needed counter balance to your busy life. When your weightless body floats on top of the serene waves you can forget all about the worries and stress of ordinary weekdays. After the floating experience you will feel relaxed and your mind is clear - the calming effect of the water is unbelievable! Amidst the relaxation you can also goof off. How easy will it be for your team to form a star or a heart? Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and close by areas


Accuracy competition

Who is the Robin Hood of your group? Or who can master the blowpipe? These questions can be answered after out exiting accuracy competiton! Lisätietoja

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and nearby areas


Hammoc relaxation

Step in to the forest with us the feel the relaxing power of the nature. Our trek starts with sense and relaxing  exercises. There exercises will gradually lead you to the right mood of relaxations and helps you to let go of the busy life behind. Lisätietoja

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and nearby areas


Yoga in forest

During this Yoga session we will connect to nature while we breath the pure air in the forest. You dont need prior experience to be part of this activity. All the movements are done in upright position. During this acticity we will be walking on the nature for two kilometers. Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and nearby areas



Winter trek

Trekking in the nature during winter is great experience. During this activity you have the change to experience beautiful Finnish winter landscapes. We use normal snowshoes or sliding snowshoes. We will travel along paths and in the snow. We will also try the equipment in the uphills and downhills. How good is the grip of the sliding snowshoes in the uphills? Or can the spikes on the snowshoes keep the grip on the uphills? After the halfway we will make some coffee and bun on a open fire.  Information

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Repovesi National Park and nearby areas

pilkkikisat tyky

Corporate ice fishing challence

Ice fishing during winter time a perfect way to settle who is the best fisher in your group. This very Finnish winter activity offers a great platform for winter outing. During the ice fishing you can enjoy hot beverages at the fire bowl that we provide to this event. If you wish you can even grill sausages in this fire bowl and during grilling you might hear your competitors catch the biggest fish ever! Lue lisää

Where: Savitaipale, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and nearby areas

e-fatbike talvi

e-fatbike safari, winter

Right now, cycling is very popular with, or without electric assistance. Our e-fatbike safaris are always designed according to clients wishes. The easy safaris will go along wintery roads. We can also make small detours to small paths the are up kept during winter. Larger groups can be split in to two separate groups according to skill level. Information

Where: Lappeenranta, Imatra, Savitaipale