Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Tykkimäki Resort

If you are looking for a group of activities that consists of all services of Tykkimäki Resort like restaurants, conference villas, camping-area and panorama-saunas, please be in contact with the sales department of Tykkimäki Resort: It is possible to also reserve our activities through them. 

e-fatbike, sähköfatbike

e-fatbike safari

Fat tires, electric assistance and terrain that is just right. E-fatbike safari gives you a great opportunity to try out the current trend sport: electric cycling. Easy yet speedy progress keeps the mood up and familiarizes the biker to the surrounding nature in a new way.

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Does your group wish for a chill activity that requires balancing? Standup paddleboarding is a great way to see the scenery from a new viewpoint: beautiful and warm summer day, the surrounding lake views and clean nature offer an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a long time. 

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sup lautailu lappeenranta
melontaa lappeenranta


Take your group to the middle of picture perfect lake scenery to sense the fragrances of the clean nature! Paddling trip makes even the familiar landscapes look fresh and new. Fun little addition to the paddling trip will be brought to you by the dwellers of the lake: you might catch a glimpse of birds, fish and other animals of the shores and islands.

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Kuplafutis zorb futis


Haluatko hien pintaan hauskalla ja liikunnallisella tavalla? Onko porukassasi kilpailuhenkisiä ja heittäytyviä pelaajia? Kuplafutismatsi on oiva ohjelmanumero esimerkiksi polttari- tai tyhy-päivään! Tämä ”hieman” erilainen versio jalkapallosta yhdistää perinteisen pallopelin maalikarkelot ja lätkäkaukalosta tutut taklaukset. Koska jokaisella pelaajalla on suojanaan suuri kupla, on taklaaminen sallittua. Voiton vie kuitenkin tiimi, joka tekee eniten maaleja, joten pelkän törmäilyn sijaan huomio kannattaa kiinnittää myös harhautuksiin ja taitavaan jalkatyöhön.

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Bubble football

Do you want to break a sweat in a fun sporty way? Do you have competitive players in your group? Bubble football is a great addition to a bachelor party or a company event. This "slightly" different version of football brings together the traditional ball games and tackles from the hockey rink. Every player has a huge bubble as a protection, so tackles are allowed. Winner is the team that scores the most goals, so it's best to also  concentrate on things other than bumping into other players. 

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Kuplafutis zorb futis