e-fatbike safari at Savitaipale


The gorgeous kettle terrain of Savitaipale is like made for electric bikes. Some parts of our trip go through the Saimaa geopark terrains. In total there will be approximately 25 kilometers of biking on the trip. During the trip the pace will be relaxed so this bike safari is suited for everyone in decent physical condition.

e-fatbike, sähköfatbike
Ryhmää vetää opas, joka alussa opastaa e-Fatbiken saloihin ja käy läpi turvalliseen pyöräilyyn liittyvät asiat. Reitti on helpohko, mutta polkupyörä on hyvä olla tuttu kulkuväline sillä matkalla on paljon polkuja.  Kierrämme reitin vaikeimmat osuudet. 
Käytössämme on Tunturin eMax2020 malliset sähköavusteiset läskipyörät.
Group will be led by a guide, who introduces the e-fatbikes in the beginning of the experience and goes through things related to safe cycling. Route is rather easy but it's recommended for participants to be familiar with cycling for there are many small paths along the way. We will go around the hardest parts of the route.
We will use Tunturi eMax2020 electrically assisted fat bikes.
e-fatbike, sähköfatbike
e-fatbike savitaipale

Safari information

  • Price: 50 € /person
  • Includes: e-fatbike, helmet, coffee, guide and VAT
  • Program available: Check the reservation calendar 
  • Departure/return: Olkkolan Hovi: Olkkolantie 2, 54800 Savitaipale
  • Length: 2,5 hours with a snack break. 2 hours of cycling
  • Group size: 1-9
  • Payment method: Easiest way to pay is through the reservation calendar below. We also accept cash, card, ePassi, Smartum, Eazybreik, Edenred. If you use exercise benefit to pay please to check frequently asked questions.
  • Suitable for: Route is easy and therefore suitable in good physical condition who know how to ride a bike. No pets allowed.
  • Age limit: Mainly over 18-year-olds. Younger can attend with their parents, ask more
  • Equipment needed: Clothes that are suitable to the weather, something to drink. Please note that there are no bottle holders on the bikes so we recommend taking a small backpack. 
e-fatbike savitaipale

Usein kysyttyä:

Haluan maksaa kortilla, käteisellä, Smartumilla, Eazybreakilla, Edenredillä tai ePasilla. Miten toimin? Tee varaus puhelimitse, tai sähköpostitse. Kerro Nimesi, puhelinnumerosi, sähköpostiosoitteesi ja pituutesi niin lähetämme tilausvahvistuksen sähköpostiisi. Maksu liikuntaedulla voidaan suorittaa tapahtumapaikalla, ennekuin lähdetään safarille.

Monta paikkaa on vielä vapaana? Vapaiden paikkojen määrän näkee alhaalla olevasta varauskalenterista. Varauskalenteri ei anna varata kuin vapaana olevan määrän paikkoja. Eli jos laittaa henkilömääräksi 4 ja kalenteri antaa varata, on vapaita paikkoja ainakin 4. 

Jos sataa, miten toimitaan? Jos sataa emme lähde retkelle ja rahat palautetaan täysimääräisenä. Jos on tulossa sellainen "ehkä" keli, niin jokainen saa tehdä oman ratkaisun, ja rahat palautetaan perujille.

Frequently asked questions:

I want to pay with cash, Smartum, Eazybreak, Edenredi or ePassi. What do I do? Make a reservation via phone or email. Tell us your name, phone number, email address and height and we will send an order confirmation in your email. Payment can be taken care of at the spot before the safari starts.

How many spots are left? You can see the amoint of free spots in the reservation calendar below. The calendar will not let you book more spots than there are free. So for example if the calendar allows you to book four spots, there are at least four spots left. 

If it rains, what happens? If it rains we will not go for the trip and money will be returned. If weather is so and so every participant can make their own decision and those who cancel will get their money back.

e-fatbike savitaipale