Forest hike Lappeenranta


Stop, experience the surrounding nature with all your senses and relax in the embrace of a Finnish forest. The trees, plants, wind, sun and fragrances of the nature help you recharge and bring peace of mind. After the hike you will feel relaxed and calm.

Forest-mind-method utilizes scientifically researched health benefits of the nature and combines them with strengthening cognitive exercises. On the hike we will do exercises related to being present, mental assets, refreshing the mind and cognitive skills. These exercises help develop your ability to listen to your body and mind.  Finnish forest offers a calming setting for the exercises and breaking away from the rush.

The hike will have a calm pace, so this trip is suitable for everyone who is able to move in forrested terrain. After the exercises we will sit down around a campfire and enjoy some coffee and sandwiches. 

Forrest hike prices

  • Price: 50 € / person
  • Includes: Forest-mind guidance, coffee, stuffed sandwich and VAT
  • Program available: 27.6.2022–14.8.2022 on Tuesdays 10–12
  • Departure/return: Rental next to Lappeenranta Sandcastle (Satamatie 11, Lappeenranta)
  • Length: Approximately 2,5 hours
  • Group size: 1–16 persons
  • Payment method: Through the reservation calendar below or cash/card
  • Suitable for: Everyone in good physical fit
  • Age limit: 16 years.
  • Equipment: Clothes to fit the weather, sturdy shoes and something to drink

Week schedule for Lappeenranta can be found here:


Lappeenrannan piste

Satamatie 11, Lappeenranta. Hiekkalinnan veressä