Rental hot tub Lappeenranta


Are you missing some water for your evening entertainment, but there are no lakes in sight or they are frozen? Worry not, our hot tub will solve the situation! Spend a fun relaxed evening together and enjoy outdoors in the warm water. A hot tub is a desired activity for evening entertainment of all ages. 

You can pick up our rental hot tub yourself according to our flexible retrieval times. If your car does not have a tow bar we can deliver the hot tub for you. Our main areas of operation are Luumäki, Savitaipale, Lappeenranta and nearby regions.

vuokra palju lappeenranta

Meidän kylpytynnyreitämme voi hinata B-kortilla. Paljukärry painaa alle 450 kg, joten sen siirtäminen oikealle paikalle pihassa onnistuu lihasvoimin. Pienemmässä paljussa kylpee 4–5 henkeä ja isompaan mahtuu hyvin 5–7 henkeä.

Paljut ovat UV-muovia, joka on helppo pitää puhtaana ja hygieenisenä. Ulkoiset kamiinat ovat merialumiinia. Paljun pohjassa on vaaleansininen LED-valo, joka toimii mukaan tulevalla akulla. Mukaan tulee myös pitkä (4–5 m) tyhjennysletku, pyöräkiilat, lämpömittari, juomakelluke ja veden sekoitusmela.

Our hot tubs can be towed with a category B driving license. Hot tub trailer weighs less than 450 kilograms, so it is possible to move it to the right place with muscle power. Smaller hot tub fits 4-5 people at a time and larger fits 5-7.

Hot tubs have a UV plastic coating that is easy to keep clean. External stoves are made of marine grade aluminum. In the bottom of the hot tub there is a light blue LED light which works on a battery that comes with the tub. With the hot tub comes also a long (4-5 meters) draining hose, wedges for the wheels, a thermometer, floating pontoon for drinks and paddle for mixing the water.

palju vuokraa talvi

Smaller hot tub:

  • Amount of hot tubs: 1 
  • Bathers: 4–5
  • Inner diameter: 145 cm
  • Shape: hexagon
  • Water needed: Approximately 1 000 liters
  • Preparations including filling the tub and warming the water take approximately 3 hours

Bigger hot tub:

  • Amount of hot tubs: 4 kpl
  • Bathers: 5–7
  • Inner diameter: 170 cm
  • Shape: Round
  • Water needed: Approximately 1 400 liters
  • Preparations including filling the tub and warming the water take approximately 4 hours