Rent padded sumo suits

vuokraa sumopuvut

Hilarious program for birthdays, student parties, company summer parties or larger events. Participants fight each other in padded sumo suits. Suits or bulky and graceless so fun moments are guaranteed both for the wrestlers and the audience – you will not survive this sumo wrestling without laughs!

Due to the bulky outfits the sumo wrestling will take up lots of space. Wrestlers should have a space of 8m x 8m in their use and space should have nothing that can harm the wrestlers or the suits. Space is also needed for the audience to get the atmosphere up.

Through us you can rent the suit for your own event or we can organize a guided event with all of its equipment. Ask more!

vuokra sumopuvut

Sumopukujen hinnasto

Hinnat omatoimiseen painimiseen:

  • 24 h: 225 €, lisävuorokaudet 30 €
  • Minimiveloitus 225 €
  • Sisältää toimituksen Lappeenrantaan, Savitaipaleelle tai lähialueelle sekä arvonlisäveron (24 %).
  • Aktiviteetti saatavilla: läpi vuoden
  • Maksutapa: käteinen, kortti tai lasku
  • Opastuksen kieli: suomi tai englanti
  • Toteutuspaikka: Lappeenranta, Kouvola, Mikkeli, Kotka, Savitaipale ja edellisten lähialueet

Sumo suit prices

Prices for independent wrestling:

  • 24 hours: 225 €, extra days 30 €
  • Minimum charge 225 €
  • Includes delivery to Lappeenranta, Savitaipale or nearby area and VAT (24%).
  • Available: all year round
  • Payment method: Cash, card or bill
  • Guidance language: Finnish or English
  • Place: Lappeenranta, Kouvola, Mikkeli, Kotka, Savitaipale and nearby areas
vuokra sumopuvut