Salpalinja tour Lappeenranta

salpalinja opastus

Are you interested in the history of Finland and want to get to see the historical landmarks near the city center of Lappeenranta?

Those who are interested in local history should head to the Salpalinja bunkers. The 1200 kilometer long Salpalinja defense line was built during the second world war to protect Finland from the Soviet Union. There was no fighting in the Salpalinja and its main purpose was to act as a deterrent and to obstruct the soviets' desire to attack.  

In Lappeenranta you get to explore the Salpalinja through visiting the bunkers among other things. The bunkers are located nearby the city center and along nature trails. The most fruitful overview of local history can be gained in Rutola where you get to visit the bunkers alongside a  guide who tell you about the history of the area. Rutola bunkers are located only a 15 minute drive away from the city center of Lappeenranta.

Our week schedule for Lappeenranta can be found here:

Salpalinja tour prices

  • Prices:
    • 19 € / adult
    • 45 € / family ticket (includes two adults and under 18-year-old kids of the family)
    • 10 € / 13-17-year-olds
    • 5 € / 5-12-year-olds
    • Under 5-year-olds free
  • Includes: Guided tour to the bunkers of Salpalinja, VAT
  • Program available: 27.6.2022–14.8.2022 on Wednesdays 15–17
  • Departure/return: Hotel Salpalinjan Hovin (Vanha Mikkelintie 125, Lappeenranta), busroute number 8 goes from city center of Lappeenranta to the hotel 
  • Length: 2 hours.
  • Group size: Minimum 1, no upper limit
  • Payment method: Reservation calendar below, cash or card on site
  • Suitable for: Everyone in physically good fit
  • Age limit: No limit
  • Equipment needed: Sturdy shoes for walking. You can also bring a flashlight for the bunkers are dark.
salpalinja opastus

Vanha Mikkelintie 125, 53830 Lappeenranta