Tyhy-day paddling trip

melonta järvisuomi

Take your group among the picturesque lake views to sense the fragrances of clean nature! Paddling trip brings a new perspective because even a familiar view looks different from on top of the waves. Fun little addition to the paddling trip will be brought to you by the dwellers of the lake: you might catch a glimpse of birds, fishes and other animals of the shores and islands. 

On the guided paddling tour you get to experience relaxing water sports out in the open.  We have a wonderful first encounter with paddling on offer: the guide will familiarize participants in the right technique and safety measures. Guide will help you pick suitable equipment and will be there to help you throughout the whole experience. We will not hurry, instead we will enjoy the gentle waves and changing views safely and calmly. We organize paddling trips in Tykkimäki, Repovesi, Lappeenranta and Savitaipale.

melontaa lappeenranta


Hinta: 65 €/hlö
Sisältää: kanootit ja kajakit, kelluntaliivit, aukkopeitteen ja oppaan palvelut. Hinta sisältää arvonlisäveron (10 %).
Ohjelma saatavilla: toukokuu–lokakuu
Ryhmäkoko: 6–48 melojaa
Maksutapa: käteinen, kortti tai lasku
Opastuksen kieli: suomi tai englanti
Toteutuspaikka: Tykkimäki Resort, Savitaipale, Lappeenranta, Repoveden kansallispuisto
Tapahtuman kesto: noin 2 h, josta aktiivista melontaa noin 1,5 h
Omat varusteet: säänmukainen pukeutuminen, aurinkolasit, kevyet kengät

Paddling prices

Price: 65 €/person
Includes: Canoes and kayaks, buoyancy aids, spray decks and a tour guide. Price has the value-added tax (10 %) included. 
Program available: From May to October.
Group size: 6–48 paddlers
Payment method: Cash, card or bill
Guidance language: Finnish or English
Place: Tykkimäki Resort, Savitaipale, Lappeenranta, Repovesi National Park
Length: Approximately 2 hours, of which 1,5 hours of paddling
Equipment needed: Clothes appropriate for the weather, sunglasses, lightweight shoes

melontaa lappeenranta